A group feature designed for the notorious home sharing service

My Role

Interaction Design, UI Design, UX Research, Usability Testing, Concept Testing

Student Work | 4 weeks


Airbnb has been a phenomenon in how we see business. Their focus on great user experience has been a large part of their success. Keeping to that standard was an integral part of our design philosophy. 



We sought out to integrate a group feature that would not only assist in group travel but also boost their Experiences. 





After sampling 20+ individual, all pulling from personal experiences, the overwhelming response indicated that group travel is a hassle. The burden is especially hard on the group leader.





User Journey



This journey represents that of the group leader. A leader is pertinent to the group booking process and was found to be a common thread among most groups.



Some of the lowest points in the journey are centered around the planning and booking process.


User Profiles


Group meetings consisted of action planning and delving into the journey user. 


Finding vulnerabilities in the process and specific pain points were crucial to solving the problem. 


A key feature to Airbnb Group is how the trip is configured. We focused a lot of attention on how the settings were adjusted. This is important to alleviate pressure off of the group leader.  

As group members submit their input on availible dates, they are stored and shown here. 


The sliders allow for further adjustments. 

Everyone's budget is different. This feature requires no conversation but instead, after individual input, finds a per person range that factors into the search settings.


Payment was found to be a big stressor for the group leader.


The payment slider is perfect for divvying up final costs. Each slider can be freely dragged to split the final cost. Once set, Venmo requests can be sent or just traditional card payment.




Everything was built to Airbnb's current guidelines to ensure easy integration and adaptability.   


Sam Pietrzak - Product Design

Kelsey Cowan - UX Design


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