A chatbot designed for Bird scooter chargers

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Conversational Design, AI Design, UX Research


Student Work | 4 weeks


Bird's mission is to make cities more livable by reducing car usage, traffic, and carbon emissions.


cities worldwide since their launch 2 years ago


valuation and climbing


is the most common minimum a charger will receive for charging a scooter overnight 


The "chargers" that sign up with Bird have faced many problems with little aid in return. This solution aims to fix that by providing virtual assistance.  


"The "HELP" staff on the app does not respond, nor do they have a phone number. This makes it sometimes impossible to get an issue resolved unless your follow up 10 times or more. Their communication is unbelievably horrible." 

- Charger in Santa Monica, CA


"No in-person or phone support when you need help (for example, you go and bring home a Bird that won't charge and want to know what to do) and the online chat reps will often ignore your messages for 12 hours or even indefinitely." 

- Charger in San Diego, CA


Lost Scooter Flow

By providing assistance for the scooter chargers in the midst of their search, Bird can change their image from being apathetic to being communicative and assistive. 

Maintenance Flow

Assisting the charger when a scooter is experiencing problems is imperative to the turn-around process. Research shows that chargers are left in the dark when dealing with damaged scooters. 

Payment Flow

Chargers tend to have lower income and work for Bird as a means for extra pocket money. Resting their concerns with payment and assisting with payment issues takes the burden off of the call center.


The chatbot is posed to live within Bird's current app for easy access 

The bot was built in Chatfuel, the world's leading chatbot platform.

The "lost scooter" chat flow is designed to defuse and assist in frustrating situations. The earned income on charging a single scooter has small margins and therefore, quick a turnaround is important to chargers. 


Sam Pietrzak - Experience Design

Doug West - Experience Design


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