—from internship to full-time adventure


Building experiences and growing brand awareness for Richmond-based CarLotz. An innovative used car company with a model that gives the power back to the people, through consignment.


Three areas that reflect my biggest impact on the company to date. Each packed with learning experiences and moments of success.

Brand Development

A used car company needs to be bold and exciting, especially when it's shaking up the whole industry. That requires a rapidly evolving brand identity.

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Product Design

The modern car lot exists virtually. We've built a space that challenges the norm and drives our mission to provide the world's best car buying and selling experience.

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Marketing Communications

We've continuously shaped communications around the customer and their goals. Put your best foot forward!

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brand development

Identity, collateral, space design, comms, and more.

I've helped steer the direction of CarLotz through its growth, expanding alongside the company and finding new ways to insert brand voice.

Inherited Identity

Upon first joining the team, I set out to apply newly established brand guidelines that were created by a local agency. Everything from communications and web design to ad campaigns and the production of an animated explainer video on the consignment process.

The Complete Brand Refresh

Upon going public, CarLotz began working with a seasoned agency. Between their talented group and our own, we moved at full speed to launch campaigns, strengthen our messaging, and boost engagement.

product design

Creating a frictionless used car marketplace experience


As the expectation of a full omni-channel experience grows, web remains to be an integral piece the the puzzle. Overtime the website branding, features, and functionality has evolved. A continuous exercise which includes working with key stakeholders, user testing, and concept validation.

Mobile App

Throughout the course of 2021, in parallel with the revamp of our website, I worked closely to ensure the inception of our mobile app met expectations. The final product not only reached reached near parody with web but also incorporated new features that enhance the shopping experience.


As one of the few on the team that has seen the digital transformation from good to great through all of its stages, I've found the journey to be packed with lessons. While the company continues to move at full speed, I've applied these learnings to ensure no mistake is made twice as we rapidly advance in the goal to provide our guests the best experience possible.

CarLotz aims to redefine the used car marketplace by providing customers with private market values, superior customer service, and transparency.

CarLotz App mock-up

Brief Case Study
Dive deeper into the process behind building an easy-to-use vehicle value estimator.

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marketing communications

When, what, and how

I've help take CarLotz's communications from sparse to spectacular. Designing flows around customer research, aiding in their goal to buy or sell a car without the hassle.

Brief Case Study
Learn more about my approach when tasked with revamping the company's communication flow.

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How it's going

This entire journey has been an incredibly valuable experience earning me a wealth of knowledge.

Product Design Intern

The internship portion of this job experience began in June 2019. I worked with a team comprised of Marketing Director (Brandcenter Alumni - Elizabeth Maksim) and Brand Strategy consultant (Rad Tollett). We also worked with a local design shop (Familiar Creatures) on multiple projects. Together we moved quickly to transform the CarLotz image across all mediums and built a strategy that helped shape CarLotz as it strengthened its digital presence.

Product Designer

When CarLotz went public in 2021, the team grew in size and strength. The year to follow consisted of a total website redesign and the opening of 14 hubs across the nation. Together with our tech partners, we worked with key stakeholders to carry out the vision and elevate our visual identity. This involved customer journey mapping, communications strategy, high fidelity prototyping, information design, UX refinement, and much much more. We've built an online shopping experience, launched a mobile app, and successfully navigated a very difficult year for the used car industry. So far my time working at CarLotz has been nothing short of exciting and illuminating, taking on new challenges and helping grow the company.