An integrated tracking system for checked baggage

My Role

Interaction Design, UX Research, Usability Testing, UI Design


Student Work | 4 weeks


Bag checking should be a service that removes effort from the entire journey and offer peace of mind with up to date tracking.



is paid yearly in baggage fees


believe airline customer service has gotten worse


is lost yearly as people choose carry-on over checking

Baggage Fees

Baggage fees have progressively increased while the level of service has been stagnant. 


User Journey

We found that aside from security, baggage is a major low point in the traveling experience. 



People are carrying-on when possible to avoid fees and strife. But in reality, that practice creates complications of longer TSA lines, extended boarding times, and disgruntled travelers.


By targeting frequent traveling professionals, offering a bag tracking system with the option to deliver, Float will become the first system to give power back to the traveler. 

Early in the production process, we conducted concept testing and research. We found that the majority of people that would use the service would do so to ensure safe delivery of valuable assets. 

A thoughtfully designed app that utilizes RFID technology to allow flying travelers to monitor their bag and quickly report any deviation in the bag's travel path. The app also allows for bag delivery for added convenience.


Luggage tags fitted with RFID technology print at ticket kiosks for easy application. Once printed they are linked to your flight and accessible for tracking after signing in on the Float app. 

The App

Here you can view current flight information and set pick-up/delivery options 

This page allows users to quickly check bag status and edit bag options 

The design was made to have high contrast and evident action color for faster use. The use of simple iconography and larger strokes gives true intention to the function of the app. 


Sam Pietrzak - Interaction Design

Andrea Owens - UI Design

Danielle Scott Paxton - UX Research


540.520.0121  |  Richmond, VA  |  sam_get@me.com