experiential campaign

Buffalo Wild Wings

Skills Used

Event Planning

The Process

We were tasked to make Buffalo Wild Wings the most legendary place to celebrate the 2020 Summer Olympics. The biggest hurdle? We can't talk about the Olympics.

Buffalo Wild Wings target audience is traditional sports fans, and while the Olympics is sports heaven, it also plays into a different crowd. In our 3-day sprint (really 5-day) we brainstormed, white-boarded, and received help from mentors in order to arrive at a conversation-worthy idea.

The Result

We created a parallel competition in order to talk about the Olympics without using any proprietary Olympic words.

National Chicken Wing Day falls on July 29th, which is right in the middle of the Summer Olympics.

With this discovery we took off running. The plan? Promote the biggest event of the event of the year, complete with a torch relay, competition, and awards. National Chicken Wing day of course.

In order to build anticipation, The Blazin Beacon will make it's trip from Olympia, WA to Columbus, OH (BWW's first location).

It will travel by Buffalomobile, a lifelike buffalo van driven by a 2-person team with full coverage on social so that everyone can follow along.

If one of the stops is in your area, come by to celebrate and participate in the wing eating contest to become a finalist in the championship held at the end of the relay tour.

The Ultimate Blazin' Championship is the main event at the National Chicken Wing Day Celebration, beginning after the Buffalo Cauldron is lit by the Beacon, kicking off the activities.

The Close

On the 5th day we presented amongst 5 teams to Jerry Hoak & Danny Robinson of The Martin Agency, and Jeff Baker from Buffalo Wild Wings. After presentations and a break out deliberation, we were chosen as winners.

Preforming under an impeding time constraint with the expectation of legendary, set our team blazin' for gold. Regardless of the win, this opportunity proved to be very rewarding. The challenge of IP, timing, and team dynamics polished our ability to think creatively and efficiently.

The Team

Rachel Curry

Louis Boehling

Melissa Poe

Mareya Stearns

Madison McCracken